Our agreement here at we buy any metal lies with the scrap merchants across the UK. Our commitment is to act responsibly and professionally at all times and support our clients who have a positive, healthy desire to make recycling scrap metal as accessible as possible for the communities who need it.

We seek to educate and encourage our users, to ensure they are getting the right price for their metals and are recycling it in the right places. We cannot take responsibility for the actions of all the scrap metal merchants in the UK, which is why we have specific contact forms available to our users to enable us to manage and improve our service. Any merchants who we feel are a detriment to the users or who appear to operate against current government legislation can therefore be removed from our site at any time.

For Merchants only:

WBAM simple CRM is a paid package, and your subscription can be cancelled at any time. The initial price of the system remains non-refundable unless there are particular faults with the system which we were unable to resolve or rendered the system unusable – Or you are still within the 30 days trial period.

The 30 day trial period allows you opt out of continuing with the service within 30 days of purchasing the system. This means we will not continue to bill you for the system, and we will refund the initial set up cost paid minus the set up fees described to you at the time of purchase.  After 30 days you will pay your monthly subscription as agreed and will be contacted after 12 months to discuss the following years subscription.

Scrap Metal FAQs