QWill the mobile scrap men pay me for my metal?


No, is the simple answer. Household scrap such as washing machines, bed frames, trampolines are all steel, which is a very low value. You may get a little bit if you took it down to the Scrap yard yourself, but in general the scrap collectors will need that credit for covering the cost of collection. It really doesn’t matter which way you do it, it depends on how much you value your time and how much space you have in your car. Remember that non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals are a higher value, so leaving things like copper, brass and lead out for the scrap collectors may not be beneficial to you and to get money for this, you will probably have to take it in yourself.

QDo you need a special licence to weigh in scrap metal?


Only if you are doing this for a living. If you are simply recycling a waste product from your job or your house, then you don’t need a physical licence. You will still have to cohere with the identification laws though, but most people who take their scrap to the scrap yard in a vehicle will have a valid driving licence.

QCan you still get paid for scrap metal?


Certainly, so make sure you do! Every metal has a different value so your credit will depend on the weight and type of material. Many Scrap yards now have various payment methods including direct transfer, debit card machines and also cheques.

Scrap Metal Prices