Copper Prices 2018

Richard Henderson


Copper Prices On the rise 2017

In the latter parts of 2017 copper prices have risen greatly, encouraging businesses and tradesman alike to start thinking about weighing in their scrap in what could be economical blip.

Uncertainty in the global market is responsible for this rise, so it’s difficult to say whether it is set to last or whether we are due for an instant shock as we move towards 2018.

So what effects the market so greatly?

You may be surprised to hear the level of global activity that impacts our market. Here’s just a few examples from recent months.

  • The election of President Trump
  • Britain’s referendum and exit from Europe
  • The UK general election result
  • President Trumps relationship with North Korea
  • Theresa May’s trade plan for the UK
  • China and the Eastern economy in general

Copper has always been one of the most valuable Non-ferrous metals, it is solely responsible for transporting power in pretty much every aspect of our lives. You may associate it more with plumbing and heating, which is true, but coppers primary use has always been in cables. Copper really does make the world go round, connecting houses, buildings and whole cities to the electrical power source we depend on.

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