WBAM opportunities

People in Scrap, helping people in Scrap.

WBAM is dedicated to helping scrap merchants in the UK with all aspects of digital marketing. We understand that the SEO marketplace is both flooded and expensive, and there is an influx of companies charging high amounts for social media services. We aim to make this affordable, much more helpful and much more relevant than other marketing companies. We specialise in Scrap Metal, so we understand the market better than third party companies who may have been contacting you with other online opportunities. Want to know more? Contact us at and we’ll happily discuss great value opportunities with both your SEO and Social media requirements.

Our proudest asset to date is the design and creation of WBAM Simple CRM system. This is an ID monitoring system designed to suit small to medium scrap metal merchants. Although it has all the capability of larger more expensive systems, the WBAM simple ID system is perfect if you are looking to tick the boxes when it comes to the law, without breaking the bank. In fact, our system is almost 75% cheaper than other systems available in the market.

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