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The ‘We Buy Any Metals’ website was created to re-engage the public into the benefits of recycling metal for money. In the scrap metal industry, merchants have been hit hard by the new regulations with the general public and businesses alike believing that you could no longer sell scrap metal for money.

The ‘no cash’ rule was broadcasted across the UK with real force. This was done intentionally to deter thieves who were costing the government millions in stolen metal. Unfortunately the message was so tough, it also scared off many legitimate customers and put off many householders heading to the local scrap yard.

WBAM ltd have designed an interactive website to help businesses, tradesman and the general public connect with their local scrap dealers.

Not only will WBAM direct you to the nearest scrap merchant, but it will also direct you to the most suitable one. We will also identify if your metal items are worth a trip to the scrap yard, or whether you should simply contact the nearest collector and allow them to take it away. More valuable loads can be directed to different dealers in your area, to ensure you can sell for the best prices in the competitive market. Give it a go!

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